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This online web store (the “Horseware") is hosted and operated by Luzern Technology Solutions Limited, B2, Ballycoolin Business Park, Ballycoolin Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. Registered In Ireland: No. 361832 (“Luzern”) an authorised reseller of Horseware. If you have any questions regarding the Website or this Privacy Policy, or in the event that you have any complaints about any products or services purchased by you from the Website, you can contact Luzern at:



Luzern values its relationship with you. Please review this privacy policy before submitting any personal information to Luzern through its Website. By submitting personal information to Luzern through its Website, you are consenting to the collection, use, transfer, and disclosure of your personal information as described in this online Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of 01.04.2023



This policy Privacy Policy explains how we use information we collect from users of the Website (“you”) in connection with your use of the Website. This Privacy Policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically. What information do we collect from you and why? We may collect and keep the following types of information:

  • Information you provide to us in registering to the Website including your name, contact details, employment details, professional details, and profile information you provide to us.
  • Information you provide through on-line surveys and questionnaires, preference choices you make and information on your usage of the Website (the pages viewed, facilities used and so forth). This information may include the Uniform Resource Locator (“URL “) of the website that you just came from, which URL you next go to, what browser you are using, and your Internet Protocol (“IP“) address. A URL is the global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web. An IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (“TCP/IP “) network, such as the World Wide Web. Networks like the Web use the TCP/IP protocol to route information based on the IP address of the destination. In other words, an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the web, allowing web servers to locate and identify your computer.
  • Personal information you provide to us in direct communications with us (by e-mail or telephone).
The foregoing data is kept as information about you and will be referred to in this Privacy Policy as “Personal Information”. On an aggregated basis, we also collect anonymous data related to the pages, downloads and other content that is sampled, clicked on, streamed, searched for, transferred from and downloaded (“Profile Data”).


Personal Information

Please be aware that your IP, browser and reference site domain name, and other Personal Information may be logged every time you visit our Website. This data is used strictly for the analysis of load information and maximizing the efficiency of our servers. Except as provided for in this Privacy Policy, we will not share your Personal Information with anyone in any way without your prior written consent.


Profile Data

We reserve the right to use and share Profile Data at our discretion

We may use Profile Data for any purpose but we intend to use it primarily to build a picture of the aggregate preferences, types of products, services, news and information which may be of interest to customers, to process and make such information available on the Website, to advertisers or to any other person whether publicly or in confidence; to help formulate our marketing and business strategy, to help to improve the Website, for analysing and researching our business, customers and products; and to gather information about users’ usage of the Website and in order to enhance users’ experience by tailoring the Website to meet users’ needs.


Why collect this information?

Collecting information: Luzern collect, process and use consumer personal information to provide the following services:

  • To fulfil contracts of sale to consumers who purchase products from webstores operated by Luzern and where Luzern is deemed to be Seller/Merchant of Record, and particular personal details are required to fulfil orders.
  • To perform direct marketing to those consumers who have explicitly given their consent to such activity. Consent to receive marketing will be obtained through active opt-in from the consumer, their consent will be recorded, and consumers will have the ability to withdraw their consent easily and at any time; and
  • Use of name and address data for identity verification, anti-fraud and money laundering activities.


How you can correct any inaccuracies in the information?

If you have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, you should contact our Customer Service Department by email at

This Privacy Policy applies to the use of the Luzern websites and platforms. Our business partners and customers have their own privacy policies which detail their data processing activities and will inform you who to direct any query or request you may have in relation to their processing of your personal data, to the extent applicable. Luzern is an approved e-Commerce partner of Horseware Products Ireland (“Horseware”) and you will find a copy of Horseware’s privacy policy at Privacy Policy


Contacting you

From time to time, we may contact you about sales, special offers and new site features, if you agreed to be included in Luzern email lists when you complete a purchase transaction with us. To cancel our free emails, you can click the unsubscribe link in any of our email newsletters or you can also respond to any promotional email we send you, by following the instructions contained in the message to discontinue email service.


You can also send an email to and inform us that you want to unsubscribe to our email list.


Customer Service

In addition to being able to call our customer service department, you may also email us When you email us, your emails are stored within our system so that we may refer to previous emails from you as needed so that we may adequately address your questions and concerns. Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, the information you provide to our customer service department is not shared with anyone without your consent.


Entering contests/sweepstakes

Whenever we run a contest or sweepstakes relating to our Website, it will be accompanied with the rules of the contest/sweepstakes. We will also detail how the information gathered from you for entry into the contest/sweepstakes will be used. Additionally, we will advise if this information will be shared with anyone (save for those persons and entities provided for in this Privacy Policy), such as a third party sponsoring or managing the contest/sweepstakes


We may also contact you with promotional offers if you have entered one of our Luzern contests or sweepstakes. If you choose not to receive this free service when you enter a contest or sweepstakes, it will not affect your chances of winning. To cancel our free promotional offers/service, by following the instructions contained in the message. You can also respond to any promotional email we send you, by following the instructions contained in the message to discontinue email service. You can also send an email to and inform us that you want to unsubscribe to our email list.


Our Third-Party Relationships

We have established several relationships with third party vendors to best serve our customers.


Order Fulfilment: Certain vendors of ours may provide customer order fulfilment and shipping services on our behalf. These vendors have access only to information needed to accurately fulfil and ship orders, which are processed through such vendors. These vendors have agreed to not use any personally identifiable information of customers for any other purpose.


Customer service: Where we sell third party products, we may provide the original manufacturer of those products with information in order for them to be able to provide customer service to you.


Credit Card Processing: We use PayPal and Braintree to process credit card orders. We supply them with data for credit card authorization and fraud detection only and they are restricted from using the data for any other purposes.


Marketing and Promotions: From time to time, we may engage certain third parties to assist in the dissemination of marketing and promotional offers (i.e. e-mails, contests and sweepstakes) to those customers who have agreed to receive such offers. These third parties will only have access to information to the extent necessary and will be required to not use any personal information for any other purpose.


Evaluating our Website: From time to time, we may engage certain third parties to observe and track the behaviour of the users of our Website in order to evaluate the performance and features of the Website. These third parties will only have access to information to the extent necessary and will be required to not use any personal information for any purpose other than providing such services.


Additional Third-Party Relationships: From time to time, Luzern Technology Solutions Limited may engage other third parties to assist in providing marketing, order processing, fulfilment and shipping services. These third parties will only have access to information to the extent necessary and will be required to not use any personal information for any purpose other than providing such services.



How your information is encrypted: There are certain areas on the site where you may enter and submit extra information. Some of these areas are encrypted using SSL encrypted transmissions between your Web browser and our Web server. This is designed to reduce the chance that someone (e.g. on your network at work or at your Internet service provider) may try to compromise your private information as it travels from your Web browser to our secure server. You'll know when transmitted data is encrypted by a security notice when you enter an encrypted page, and by the presence of an icon on your browser, either a key for Netscape or a lock for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. The pages where you submit your account information, place an order, and receive confirmation of a successful order are all encrypted. In addition, your payment method e.g. credit card information is encrypted within our Website checkout database and access to such information is restricted. This system is used so that we can provide you with additional security when purchasing items on



Our Website may contain links to other websites. We provide these links for your convenience, but we do not review, control or monitor the privacy practices of websites operated by others. We are not responsible for the performance of these sites or for your business dealings with them. Your use of other websites is subject to the terms and conditions of those websites, including the privacy policies of those websites.


Children's Privacy

If you order a Product or Services, to which a minimum age requirement applies, by ordering that Product or Service you confirm that you are of the required age. If Luzern reasonably believes that you are not legally entitled to order a Product, Luzern reserves the right to cancel your order.


This Privacy Policy May Change

We reserve the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy, at any time and without prior notice, by posting the revised version of this Privacy Policy on our Website. These changes will only apply to personal information we collect after we have posted the revised Privacy Policy. Your use of our Website following any such change constitutes your agreement that all personal information collected from or about you through our Website after the revised Privacy Policy is posted will be subject to the terms of the revised Privacy Policy. To alert you to these changes, we will update the effective date of this Privacy Policy. We will also provide a notice at the top of this Privacy Policy for at least 30 days after the new effective date and highlight the changes so that you can locate them easily. Unless the change is a minor change (such as a change in our contact information) or a non-substantive change (such as the reformatting of our Privacy Policy), we will post notices on the page where you submit your order and/or on other relevant pages of our Website for 30 days after the new effective date to alert you to the change.


Commercial Terms

We reserve our right to not accept your order or cancel your purchase at any time, upon reasonable notice and a full refund. We reserve the right to refuse any order for whatever reason. We also reserve the right to cancel any purchase (an order already accepted by us) in (among others) the following situations, without being liable for any damage or costs:


  • The product is not available / in stock (any payments will be refunded);
  • Your billing information is not correct or not verifiable;
  • Your order is flagged up by our security systems as an unusual order or an order susceptible to fraud;
  • Your bank transfer payment is not received within 12 calendar days after acceptance of your order;
  • We have reason to believe you are under 16;
  • We could not deliver to the address provided by you.


Questions about our Policies

If you have any questions regarding your privacy or any of our policies, please contact our Customer Service Department by email at