InnovationInspired by care.

Our products are inspired by our love of horses. As the pioneers in equestrian innovation, we are continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible with our unparalleled design process to better meet our community's needs and to make life better for them and their horses.

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Turnout Strength

At Horseware we use a mix of materials and varying thickness (denier) to achieve maximum strength, breathability and lightweightness with each turnout. Our spectrum illustrates out material strength with the strongest being our Ballistic Nylon, found exclusively in our Rambo Range

Waterproof but breathable

All Horseware Ireland turnouts are waterproof and breathable to ensure your horse stays dry and comfortable at all times.



Waterproof refers to the outer layers ability to stop water passing through onto your horse. All of our turnout blankets are waterproof in excess of 3000mm.



Breathability is a measure of how quickly moisture vapour generated from your horse’s body can pass through your turnout to the outside environment. Our fabrics rug composition are meticulously engineered to allow for active ventilation to help prevent your horse from overheating.

Water loving and water hating.

All at the same time.


Aqua trans


The outer hydrophobic layer repels the entry of any water coming from the outer and drives this water vapor through the fabric and away from the outer of the turnout.



The inner hydrophilic layer is water loving and draws sweat away from the body.



where they need it most

Layers of thermobonded fiberfill to gain maximum heat retention without the heaviness of a standard fill.

Barrier Layer Barrier Layer

Multiple layers of protection

Multiple layers of protection
Outer polypropylene

Outer polypropylene

Our tough outer polypropylene is 50%-100% stronger than the coated polyester used in the majority of turnouts.

Waterproof Barrier

Waterproof Barrier

Waterproof and breathable protection even if the outer becomes damaged.

Thermobonded Fiberfill

Thermobonded Fiberfill

This traps warm air to keep your horse warm.

Polyester Lining

Polyester Lining

This is anti-static and anti-bacterial to prevent rubbing and enhances shine.

Barrier Layer





whatever the weather

Our fly and summer sheets protect your horse from harmful UV rays and helps to avoid coat bleaching. The closer the weave of the outer blanket fabric, the higher the UV protection. Bright coloured fabric are best for reflecting sunlight and helps to avoid overheating

Innovative No-Fly Zone™ Technology


anti-insect technology

Exclusive to Horseware Ireland and derived from nature, No-Fly Zone Technology securely binds the active ingredient permethrin to the fibers of our fabrics. This safe and durable repellent will deter flies, mosquitos, ticks and other pesky insects from landing on your horse long enough to bite. Odorless, invisible and effective for up to 25 washes this technology is long lasting and can help to ensure your horse is protected and comfortable all season long.



Your rug. Your way.

Your rug. Your way.

The Horseware Liner System has become the industry standard for providing additional weight for your rug as you need it. It's a simple and flexible system offering you the ability to build a transeasonal blanket that can be adapted to reflect the seasonal blanketing needs.


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