Horseware Ireland | Rambo® Turnout 3 Year Guarantee**

Rugs for life since 1985.

We have such faith in our Aquatrans coating technology that we are prepared to guarantee that your rug/blanket will remain waterproof and breathable for a minimum of 3 years.

Please fill in the form below within 90 days of purchase. The unique number of your Rambo® MUST be included on the form to be eligible for the guarantee. This number is found on the inside of the front of the rug.

Personal Details

Turnout Details

The label can be found inside the rug
under the front strap;
The label will look like this,
with 2 letters and 4-8 digits;
The TurnoutID is in the green box
and will follow the same format;

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** This guarantee applies to the following Horseware® Products: Rambo® Optimo Turnout, Rambo® Duo Turnout, Rambo® Supreme Turnout, Rambo® Plus Turnout, Rambo® Wug Turnout, Rambo® Original Turnout, Rambo® Original Turnout with Leg Arches, purchased after 1st August 2002 only.