The Horseware Ireland Micklem® Bridle wins the Welfare and Performance Saddlery/Equipment Award.

Saddle Research Trust’s Gala Awards.

Nottingham University U.K.

The Horseware Ireland Micklem ® Bridle has won the Welfare and Performance Saddlery/Equipment Award at the Annual Saddle Research Trust’s Gala. This prestigious event was held on Saturday, 8th December 2018 at The University of Nottingham and attended by world-renowned leading experts in their fields.

The Micklem ® bridle, the original ergonomic bridle by Horseware Ireland, launched to market back in 2007. The concept was years in the making by the much-respected coach, trainer, and horseman of the industry, William Micklem. His passion and determination to deliver a bridle that would make the horse more comfortable whilst riding, pioneered a more humane approach in the way bridles fit horses. Horseware Ireland’s CEO, Tom MacGuinness, saw the potential in what the Micklem ® bridle would bring to a horse’s wellbeing and the pair embarked on this incredible product journey together.

William designed the Micklem ® bridle from the inside out, an unheard-of theory at the time. The goal – to avoid the five areas of facial sensitivity. Throughout the structure of a horse’s head, there are major nerves, which are highly sensitive and which the Micklem ® bridle expertly avoids. This is achieved by the unique positioning of the noseband, thus alleviating pressure off a horse’s fragile nose bones. The contoured design of the bridle’s cheekpieces completely bypass the protruding teeth of a horse. In addition, the headpiece is both wide and a singular piece of leather in order to spread the pressure evenly over a larger area of the poll.

“The Micklem ® bridle has changed the way we think about bridles and nosebands, and because of that, I am immensely proud. My father would be so pleased with the recognition for the Micklem bridle, and about the proactive and positive contribution of horse welfare by the Saddle Research Trust.” William Micklem

William and his father, Dick Micklem, began this journey together due to their deep love and appreciation of horses. William proudly continues this journey with Horseware Ireland, delivering the original, most humane and comfortable bridle to riders and their horses.

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Founded in 1985 by Tom and Carol MacGuinness, Horseware Ireland has grown to employ over 600 people, with facilities in Ireland, Cambodia, China, and North Carolina. The iconic Rambo ® original turnout was a revolution in the design, fit and quality of horse rugs. The original Rambo ® turnout continues to be produced in Ireland and is exported around the world, to countries like North America, the UK, Sweden, Germany, and Australia.

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