Rambo Micklem – More comfortable, More humane


Relieves pressure and discomfort on the sensitive parts of the head, reducing pain and numbness and giving all riders a kinder option.

“It’s the small details that count. The length of each section of leather, the precise angles and the quality of the component parts. Something as small as a light pinch or a little extra pressure in the wrong place could create a large amount of unnecessary discomfort to your horse. We make sure we get the details just right, and we stand behind our Rambo® Micklem® bridle 100%. This means we guarantee each bridle will be right, and we guarantee that ours is the only bridle made to my precise specifications, and more than this: that Horseware® is the only company to have continuous involvement and professional expertise from myself. There’s only one original Micklem design and one Rambo® Micklem® bridle…and it’s made by Horseware® Ireland.”

Creator of the authentic Rambo® Micklem®

Rambo Micklem

1. The noseband sits higher avoiding pressure on the fragile nose bones. The bottom back strap gives similar functionality to a flash noseband.

2. Noseband avoids pressure on the motor and sensory nerves exiting at this point, reducing discomfort and numbness on the lower areas of the head.

3. A shaped, widened and padded headpiece with no separate uncomfortable narrow noseband, spreads the pressure evenly over a wide area of the poll.

4. The shaped cheekpiece fits comfortably around the protruding cheekbones, avoiding unnecessary pressure.

5. The noseband and back straps avoid the protruding molar teeth, so sensitive tissue inside the mouth is not damaged.

Micklem How to Fit



Fit the bit straps to your bit first, with the buckle on the outside and the end of the strap facing upwards, then attach to the bridle using the bit rings at the bottom of the cheek pieces.

Positioning the Front Nose Piece

The key to fitting your Rambo® Micklem Bridle is to ensure that the front nosepiece is approx 2 to 3 inches higher than the corners of the mouth and at least six fingers above the nostrils.

Doing the Top Back Straps

This should be fastened flush with the skin, not loose like a throat lash.

Doing the Bottom Back Straps

This fits like a standard dropped noseband, underneath the bit and flush with the skin.

Fitting the Tongue and Bar Protector

Use the appropriate length clips to join the bit to the side rings and you have a unique tongue and bar protection system.

Size Guide
Pony 13.2HH and Lower
Small Horse/Cob 13.2HH – 15.2HH Fine Head
Standard Horse 14.2HH Large Head – 16.3HH Fine Head
Large Horse 16.2HH Large Head and Higher