Rambo IONIC Technology

What is Ionic Technology?

Rambo Ionic harnesses the power of tourmaline, a naturally occurring crystal that, when ground down to powder form, releases an electric charge which converts the surrounding air molecules to negative ions. These negative ions are absorbed by the body and impact the size of the water molecules in our blood stream. They reduce its physical size by neutralizing the waters natural positive charge which allows the water molecule to flow faster through our bodies, thus bringing increased oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Negative ions for positive results.

Rambo Ionic works for both horses and humans through stimulation, strengthening and support.


  • Stimulates and regulates the circulatory system and increases cells ability to absorb and use oxygen.
  • Helps to improve the permeability of cells, encouraging a faster metabolic rate.
  • Helps to speed up oxidation of serotonin in the blood, contributing to improved mood levels and pain relief.
  • Aids in regulating enzyme activity.
  • Affects the configuration of water molecules in the blood, improving their hydration capacity. This makes bodily fluids more mobile, increasing and improving circulation.


  • Increased oxygen levels in the blood and a faster delivery to the brain helps to improve concentration.
  • Increased oxygen levels in muscle tissue contribute to greater energy.
  • The alteration of enzyme activity can stimulate the body’s natural defences and immune system.
  • Negative ions contribute to the reinforcement of collagen production.


  • Improved blood circulation can reduce blood pressure.
  • Promotes more efficient removal of toxins from the body.
  • Regulation of the pH balance of bodily fluids.

As can be seen from thermography tests, Rambo Ionic significantly enhances circulation. This increase in circulation may assist with the body’s ability to recover from injury and may help those who suffer from poor circulation.

Before wearing Rambo Ionic

After wearing Rambo Ionic

Recovery is key and we have been using the products after strenuous exercise and competition we’ve noticed the horses recover faster, are more relaxed and therefore perform better.

Lizzie Brown, International Eventer

The lightness of the Rambo Ionic® Fleece makes the rug usable in every season. Really useful rug to mitigate muscle spams, increase muscular recovery and supplement physiotherapist work.

Kevin Staut - International Showjumper

We never leave home without our Horseware Ionic Stable Boots. Traveling long distances to shows can be hard on a horse, due to the prolonged standing while in the trailer. The Ionic Stable Boots help by increasing circulation when trailering. We also use them after showing to help maintain circulation, which aides in decreasing injuries and soreness.

Clint Allen - Cutting Rider

We use the Rambo Ionic® Stable rug and Sheet on two of our top horses all day and night in the stables. They feel relaxed and freer when exercising and we put it down to Rambo Ionic®.

Scott Brash - Show Jumper