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Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Here are a few points that may help in understanding why the Micklem® leather feels as it does.

Eco Friendly vegetable tanned leather: All of the leather used across the Micklem range is tanned using eco-friendly methods. The leather used in the Micklem range is tanned (gets its finish and colour) from the plant sources such as the brake of trees as opposed to chemicals.

REACH compliance: The manufacturing of Micklem leather adheres to stringent policy terms issued by the European Union to ensure chemicals that are harmful to the environment, employees or end users are not used during any part of the leather production.

Care is key: Oiling, cleaning and caring for your Micklem bridle from the very beginning is key. As with all leather items it can take a while for leather to soft up (be it in shoes, bags or tack).

Care is key: Oiling, cleaning and caring for your Micklem bridle from the very beginning is key.

Oiling and cleaning will help to soften the leather. Note: As with all leather items it can take a while for leather to soft up (be it in shoes, bags or tack).

The ICE-VIBE® is designed to promote healing through blood flow and movement to assist the body to clear the lymphatic system and not to freeze the legs which may compromise healing and lymphatic clearance.

After using ICE-VIBE® the legs should be no colder than cool to the touch after a treatment on setting 2 with cold packs. Using the boots on setting 3 with cold packs will leave the legs warm to the touch. The results of treatment should be judged on how the legs feel the next day not on how cold the legs are during treatment.

The Horseware Ireland tail strap, combined with the positioning of darts at the rear of the Horseware Ireland rugs, allow for a secure fit without the use of leg straps. The removal of leg straps provides ease of use to owner and removes safety concerns when fitting leg straps on animals that might be young, or sensitive, in their hind legs.

Horseware tail straps come in two styles:

Our wipe clean tail cord is an elasticated PVC covered cord which is easier to clean and more flexible. It is also designed to break under extreme pressure, offering safety should your horse get caught. These are easily replaced.

Webbing tail straps are adjustable and can be extended or shortened to offer enhanced fit.

Leg arches are originally a unique Horseware Ireland design.

These curves in the lower hem of the blanket allows for freedom of movement without the addition of extra fabric or a concentrated pressure point that are common to gussets.

They aid in helping the blanket stay secure under belly and offer additional coverage.

More surcingles do help provide a more secure fit. All Horseware Ireland turnout rugs are made with two or three surcingles. Rambo® turnout rugs are designed with three secure surcingles that gives the blanket a secure fit around the belly area. Additionally, our Rambo turnouts incorporate the Horseware unique safety system that breaks in the event of an emergency.

Three secure surcingles are commonly found on Horseware products that are cut with two leg arches.

Two surcingles are usually found on our rugs that have one leg arch.

One surcingle is commonly found on cooler and show rugs. This is because these rugs are usually worn for shorter periods of time such as show preparations and traveling.

Each of the Horseware front closures are used in conjunction with our bespoke neck cuts. The shape of a horse and their physical condition should be considered when choosing the neck of a rug. The different styles of Horseware rug necks are outlined below:

The XL and Petite collection of Horseware rugs offer a range of rugs that are specifically designed for horses that are larger or smaller than standard sizing.

Surefit Neck Design


Surefit Neck Design found on rugs with a V-front or Disc front – The Surefit neck design allows the rug to sit well in front of the wither, relieving any pressure and following the shape of the shoulder line it gives the shoulders room, designed for optimum fit around the neck across all breeds of horse.



Combo Neck Rug (All-In–One): Fully integrated neck offers one weight from ears to tail and no seams can protect the horse from rubbing.



Classic Front (Standard Neck, double front closure): Curved to frame the horse’s neck, the straight front is easy to use. The secure closure sits aligned with the point of shoulder. Double fastened for added security.

Yes, you can order a replacement hood through your local retailer. Simply advise them of the type and brand of blanket you have so they can be sure to supply you with the correct hood that will connect to your blanket. If your blanket has no connections for a hood, then unfortunately you cannot join on a hood with such a style.

You have a long set and short set of straps to allow you to fit different styles of bits. For example, the hanging snaffle would use short straps and a loose ring snaffle would use the longer straps.

Yes you can, but please check weather conditions before travelling to ensure the horse will not overheat during the journey if wearing a blanket, and that they are happy with the leg wraps or boots in a stable environment before using them on a journey. We would not recommend first using them while travelling.