Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash my Horseware blanket?

We recommend you use a professional blanket cleaning service. Blankets should be washed as follows:

  1. Remove excess dirt gently.
  2. Wash in a suitable solution at 30 degrees. We recommend using Rambo Blanket Wash which can be used on any of our blankets. Do not use a strong biological washing agent as this will destroy the waterproof coating.
  3. Drip dry, never tumble dry.
  4. Always store your blanket in a cool dry place, you can keep the bag your blanket comes in for handy storage.

What does my Rambo guarantee cover?

We have such faith in our Aquatrans™ technology that we have guaranteed your Rambo blanket will remain waterproof and breathable for a minimum of 3 years, see your Rambo guarantee card for terms and conditions.

What should I do if I have a faulty product?

If you feel you have a faulty product, you must return it to the retailer from where it was purchased, as this is where your legal contract of sale lies. They will then inspect the product and advise you of the outcome. Sometimes a product needs to come back to Horseware for testing, if this is necessary the retailer will arrange this with us on your behalf. If you purchased your product online or at a show, the same policy applies.

UK/Europe: Please note, as per the BETA guidelines, all products being returned to the retailers for inspection must be clean and dry as per the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1972

Where is my nearest stockist?

You can find your nearest retailer in the Where to Buy section at the top of this website.

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