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WHAT is Ionic?

IONIC is a support range that incorporates negative ion therapy using formulated tourmaline screen printing. Negative ions are air molecules that have gained an electron to get a negative charge.
Tourmaline is a naturally occurring crystal that when ground down to powder form releases an electric charge. The charge released will then convert the surrounding air molecules to negative ions.


Negative ions are predominately absorbed by the body through the skin. When they enter the blood they convert the charge of the body’s molecules to a negative charge. The energy released during this bonding encourages and promotes regulation of the body’s mechanisms.
The energy released affects the configuration of water molecules of the blood improving their hydration capacity. This makes bodily fluids such as blood cells, lymph and fats more mobile, increasing and improving circulation.

High levels of negative ions in the body: Improved
hydration capacity of blood. Ease of movement
through blood vessels = improved circulation

RAMBO IONIC TECHNOLOGY is available in the following products

Rambo Ionic Arm Support
Arm Support

Rambo Ionic Wrist Support
Wrist Support

Rambo Ionic Elbow Support
Elbow Support

Rambo Ionic Knee Support
Knee Support

Rambo Ionic Ankle Support
Ankle Support

Rambo Ionic Sock Wrap