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LOCATION: Edinburgh

Almost 1 year ago my daughter's horse was diagnosed with a 50% tear in his DDFT. During this year he was on stall rest with limited exercise. We had another ultrasound done on Oct was healing, but we were told that there was still a hole and to go back to hand walking. After that we began using the Ice Vibe Boots on vibrate before each walk. Six weeks later we had another ultrasound and he once again sound!! I would highly recommend these boots to only regret is that we didn't discover them sooner!! Thanks so much to Ice Vibe for creating such a wonderful product. We once again have a happy daughter and happy horse!!!

I had a warm blood with a ddft and sdft injury. I tried every gadget and topical product on the market. Then I discovered ice vibe boots. It was the only product which actually worked, when the vet came back to rescan the tendon he couldn't believe how neatly and quickly the tendon fibres had healed. I would recommend them to anyone who's horse has a tendon injury and it is the only product I will now use on this type of injury. Worth every penny.

I work as an assistant trainer for a steeplechase trainer in the US. We heard multiple glowing reviews for Ice-Vibe boots, so we decided to give them a try!
We love them! I have used them on a variety of horses, for a variety of reasons. We have seen great results with all of out active race horses by using the boots both before and after a race. One particular horse does not have the best ankles, but he loves his Ice-Vibe boots, and one his first stakes race this fall!
For rehabilitation, I have been using the Ice-Vibes on two horses with small soft tissue injuries, on the recommendation from our vet. Both seem to be healing tremendously and I love the "massaging" effect of the healing levels the boots provide. Both horses wear the boots morning and night before bandaging. We are definitely sold on the boots, and are about to purchase another pair!
We even had a horse go home to an owner's farm to rest a tendon. First thing we told the owner was to invest in Ice-Vibes. After a two weeks without them, our owner said you could see a difference, so he finally invested in a pair of the boots. He has been amazed at how much they have aided with the healing process.
Thanks to Horseware for the great product!

I'd just like to thank you for such a fantastic product. I bought a pair of hock boots at a local tack shop after my horse got himself stuck in a gate.
I'm still not sure how he done it to this day; but somehow he managed to get both his back legs stuck in a metal 6 bar gate, pull it off it's hinges and bolt off two hundred metres across his field with it still tangled in his legs. To my relief he didn't injure himself (don't know how he didn't break his legs!) He had a few superficial grazes, but a lot of heat around his hocks and fetlocks. After hosing his legs down, I used my Ice Vibe boots to reduce the swelling and pain whilst using the massage settings to get the blood flow to help repair the damage done. To my amazement he was totally sound the next day albeit a little bit stiff. He has very little swelling and heat and by day 2 he was back to his normal self.
Thank you for such a great product!!

I would like to share a story about your Ice Vibe Boots. Last September my OTTB Forrest Gump came in lame and after we had a vet out to ultrasound found out that my horses Check Ligament was in bad repair along with a minor tear in his suspensory. We were told 4 months of stall rest before anything could happy. They suggested Shock Wave, stem cell, and many other options but we decided to forgo those options for expense purposes and see what we could do.
We needed to ice and cold hose his leg many times a day. I tried using the older ice boots where ice cubes will filled in the slots but the boots kept slipping and found that I wasted more time on pulling the boot up then his leg getting iced. I had seen a couple ads about the Ice Vibe boots but the cost initially put me off, but I went to a tack store that had a sale and they were included so I bought them as fast as I could.
These boots are and were amazing. It was so much easier to ice the area and only the area that needed to be iced. After 20-30 minutes the area was cool and tight. Even better was the vibrations options of the boot. Instead of shockwave we used the boots to encourage blood flow to the area. My horses stall rest period lasted one month. He was sound after 2 weeks. We then turned him out for a month, still using the ice vibe boots twice a day for a month. On Nov 1st we started under saddle rehab.
Throughout his entire rehab process I have used these boots and feel they really made a difference. Here I had a horse that was supposedly needing 4 months of stall rest before any work could be started, but within 2 months we were starting the rehab process. My horse was back to normal in March of2013 and we competed in our first show, Thoroughbred Celebration Horse Show, in which we qualified for the $1,500 Stakes Class. We did not compete in the class, as he had done enough that weekend, but I was pleased with just qualifying.
After a year from the injury, the boots are still apart of his routine. When we have a really tough schooling, jump really high, or the heat caused the leg to swell up a bit I immediately turn to the boots. It was the best investment I could have made and am always quick to back the boots up to anyone questioning how/if they work!
Its a great product and so glad I have it in my tool box for my horse.

I wanted to share my story - in April my 20yr old mare tore her check ligament whilst competing at the British Dressage Winter Championships. When it was scanned the vets said it was unlikely she would be ridden again.
I purchased some Ice Vibe boots and used them daily, she started ridden work again in August and has been going from strength to strength. The ice vibe boots are absolutely brilliant and highly recommend them. I also use them 3/4 times a week on my 5yr old as he likes to play a lot in the field so the boots help to cool off his legs and keep any bruising at bay that he might get whilst in the field.
Would really like some of the hock boots now as my 20yr old has arthritis in her hocks - just need to start saving!

I bought my ice vibe boots few months ago for my horse called "Saos". He has a narvicular disease on both foreleg. The boots help him a lot. I use them before working to warm the ligaments and after with ice pockets to prevent pain and inflammation of the feet I can keep my horse working and we make jumping. He feels much better now!

As a military spouse, I'm on a budget and time is my best friend I have found until the ice vibe boots came along. I got in a OTTB that had a 30% tear to his suspensory. My vet said 6mths stall rest with cold therapy, ultrasound checks every 4 wks... Well at the 1st check she was happy with the results fibres filling in, etc. on wk 8 check she asked me what I'd been doing because the tear was healing as if I had PRP done. I told her no remember I couldn't afford that, but what I could afford was a set of ice vibe boots and I borrowed another boarders' ice packs from hers and did ice vibe therapy 3 times a day every day! Cheers!

My story starts with buying the horse of my dreams. She is a beautiful thoroughbred mare who wasnt your typical TB. She was very laid back from the minute I bought her and an absolute dram to break in and took it all in her stride. Unfortunately she had a really bad accident in the field, injuring her tendon. I knew she was going to be out of action for a very long time but we stuck with it and did everything what the vet told me. A new vet came to see her one day and asked if I had ever used your Ice Vibe boots. She told me to buy some and start using them daily on her, which I did, and I couldn't believe just how quickly she came back to full health. I do think that without the help of your boots my mare would have been on box rest for at least 3 more months. I now have a happy girl and I still use the boots on her after exercise. I have told everyone on the yard to invest in some as they really are a lifesaver. Thank you Horseware.

I love my ice vibe boots!!! I purchased them about 10 months ago when my big guy strained a tendon and i was icing him several times a day to get the swelling out. Purchased my ice vibes and it was a game changer in his recovery! I continue to use them now that he is back to work. I also use the vibe part of the boot before my rides to prep his legs for work. I am looking forward to purchasing another pair and hook boots soon! I love this product and a few have my friends now own them too after i raved about them! Thank you so much for dreaming these up!! Love them!!

Back in July my mare was cast in a barbed wire fence. She cut up the right side of her neck, the left side of her flank, and her entire left hind leg. She was dead lame for 6 weeks until getting to okay to start light work again. Up until then we had been using pressure bandages and animalintex to try and keep the swelling down and draw out infection. It worked to a degree, but once I started bringing her back, I found that her leg would get more and more swollen no matter what I did. I'd heard about your Ice-Vibe boots from a lady that worked at the tack store I went to, despite the daunting price tag, I bought a pair. Best $315 I have ever spent. I started by using just the circulation therapy before lunging, and even then I noticed a difference. Eventually I began adding in the ice for post-workout and it worked even better. Five months later and my girl is now sound and back in full work with minimal scarring, thanks to your boots.

I have a 16.2hh ID x TB gelding who is 12 years old. He strained his annular ligament in 2010 and sadly it has continued to be problematic. Due to other lameness issues I made the decision that if the ligament was to flare up again then I would make the decision to send him to the hunting fields in the sky. In October he went lame on his hind leg, which indicated the ligament. I discussed this with my vet and he was of the same opinion. I discussed with my local hunt and as he had been given Bute we would have to wait 3 weeks until it is out of his system before he could be shot.
I turned him out one morning and he trotted off across the field and I realised he was sound. I then looked into what I could do to try and help the joint. I came across a link to the Ice Vibe boots on the internet. I considered trialling a pair but decided to bite the bullet and purchased a set of the XL boots. I have used them daily since they arrived. He is now back in regular work, lunging 3-4 times a week and hacking or hunting at weekends. It is amazing to have him back to this level of fitness and ability.
I cannot express my gratitude for these boots. Not only does he seem to enjoy the sensation of wearing the boots but since using those regularly his legs no longer fill at night, or if I have to keep him in when it is blowing a gale or raining heavily. These boots have truly saved him - I have raved about them wherever I go and a friend of mine has a dressage horse who is developing wind galls and is going to purchase a set of boots in the New Year. I am by no means well off so this was a thoroughly thought out decision to purchase the boots. I wouldn't want to consider not having them. I also have an elder mare who is currently nursing a foal. She suffers with windgalls so I plan to use the boots on her when she returns to ridden work.

Ice Vibe boots are essential for my elderly TB gelding. Last year he tore his check ligament and with the help of these boots he's healed and in work. The vet couldn't believe how well his leg looked after just a month of rehabilitation and the use of these boots! Thanks Horseware for yet another great quality product!

"I am emailing to say how pleased I am with the pair of Ice Vibe boots that I purchased earlier this year.
For the past three years I have competed my TB X Connemara, Dusty, in the lower levels of eventing. Over the years I have tried a variety of clays and cooling gels to cool his legs after cross country with varying levels of success. This year, as he turned 19, I bought him a pair of your Ice Vibe boots in the hope that they would help him to continue competing in his older age.
I have used them after XC schooling, after fittening sessions on the gallops and after actual events. They are easy to use and extremely effective. When I take them off, Dusty's legs are cool to the touch and the increase in circulation they cause means that when I take him out of his stable the morning after an event his legs are free of swelling and stiffness, which is no mean feat in a 19 year old!
Unfortunately our eventing season was brought to an abrupt end this year in August when Dusty suffered a fracture to his back and muscular damage in a freak accident out hacking. The fracture was in a vertebrae that adjoined the spine and the top of the tail and so as part of his rehabilitation I put the IceVibe boots on his hind legs (without the ice packs) on setting 2 to increase circulation to the damaged area.
After 3 months of paddock rest and using the boots daily, he had his first session with the veterinary physiotherapist. She was absolutely amazed to find far less damage, swelling and stiffness than expected, bearing in mind what had happened to him, and I am sure that this is due to the use of your amazing boots.
Dusty came back into work last weekend and I put his Ice Vibe boots on his hind legs before every ride to make sure he suffers from minimal stiffness before he is properly warmed up.
The physiotherapist and vets see no reason as to why Dusty's accident will limit him in the future and I hope that with your fantastic boots to help us, we may still have a few seasons ahead of us!!
Best wishes and many thanks for bringing us your wonderful boots."

"Your product is amazing. I can attest to the fact as I believe that it has saved my horse! He was injured by a groom negligently leading him between two tractors and hitting the remote on the garage door opener. Scared him and he fell into the tractor ripping his superficial tendon. The ultrasound showed the tendon black... After 6 weeks he was still a grade3+ with only a fair chance of recovery. 2 months later after using IceVibe before and after as recommended, he is trotting 15 mins a day and is about to start cantering again. I can't thank you enough for developing the product!!"

"I just wanted to drop you a brief email to let you know what a difference your boots have made to my horse, Rowan. Last year Rowan was diagnosed with Navicular Syndrome and at 16 years old, I was told by vets that the hope of returning to full work was slim and that retirement was the likely outcome. At 16 and having owned him for 10 years, I wasn't ready to give up and researched various options to try and make him more comfortable, one of which was purchasing a pair of your Ice Vibe boots. I use them 20 minutes every day and with a combination of remedial farriery, managing his workload and correct feeding, my gorgeous boy is sound and enjoying life. We've been schooling, hacking and jumping, so thankfully retirement seems a way away again! My equine physio and I are convinced that the Ice Vibe Boots play a major role in his continued comfort through the stimulation of blood flow to his palmar region, so thank you. "