Frequently Asked Questions

Care & Repair

Care is key: Oiling, cleaning and caring for your Micklem bridle from the very beginning is key.

Oiling and cleaning will help to soften the leather. Note: As with all leather items it can take a while for leather to soft up (be it in shoes, bags or tack).

Size guides for an item can usually be found linked directly below the selection drop downs on the items page.

All Horseware Ireland turnout rugs are waterproof to in excess of 3000mm and also breathable to 3000g. This allows 3000g of water vapor to be released in a 24-hour period from underneath your turnout.

All Horseware rugs come with a waterproof guarantee:

RAMBO Turnouts - 3-year guarantee: RAMBO turnouts use Aquatrans technology and we offer a guarantee that your rug will remain waterproof and breathable for a minimum of 3 years.

Rhino Turnouts - 3-year guarantee: Rhino turnouts use Aquatrans technology and we offer a guarantee that your rug will remain waterproof and breathable for a minimum of 3 years.

Amigo Turnouts - 1-year guarantee: Amigo turnouts offer a 1-year waterproof warranty.

During this guarantee period your rug should not require any re-proofing provided it is cared for properly, such as being stored in a dry, cool place when not in use and washed as per the care guidelines (30º wash, no heat, no tumble drying). Once these guidelines are followed, the waterproofing on your rug should last the duration of your guarantee. Incorrect washing of rugs can be a major cause of waterproof coating breaking down. Equally the storing and care of a rug is also important. Rugs should not be exposed to prolonged UV or extremely high temperatures.

Your Rambo & Rhino Turnouts must be washed according to the instructions given, failure to do so will damage the waterproof coating of your turnout and effect your guarantee, you must not apply any form of waterproofing or water repellent treatments during this guarantee period.

Outside of guarantee periods, waterproof fabric coatings will eventually start to break down over time. When it becomes clear that your rug is no longer waterproof it is important to assess the cause. Again, assess the rug for damage to the outer fabric. If there is damage to the exterior of the rug, it will make re-proofing more difficult and less successful. In such a case, it may be more cost effective to purchase a new rug entirely.

If the exterior fabric is undamaged, the rug will need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove all dirt before applying a re-proof or water repellent. We would recommend using a professional service to reproof any rugs. However, if you wish to carry out a re-proof the camping industry is a great area to source a re-waterproofing product. Please note* Horseware takes no responsibility for the effect of these products on your rug.

You can apply for Rambo Turnout & Rhino Turnout guarantee.

To wash your turnout yourself, you should first gently brush off any excess dirt and mud from the outside. Once the heavy dirt is removed, gently hose off your turnout, and use a wash that is specifically formulated to clean horse turnouts as to not damage the fabric or waterproof coatings, preferably a natural or non-biological substance, such as our specially formulated Rambo® Wash. Once your turnout is thoroughly washed, hang to drip dry. Machine washing should be done on a Cool Wash.

Once dry, fold neatly into a breathable storage bag. Store in a cool, dry area away from any moisture or damp areas, avoiding excessive heat and UV exposure. The bags our Horseware® Turnouts are packaged in are an excellent bag to re-use for turnout storage.

We do not recommend washing your turnout with a power washer, as the pressure from this may damage the waterproof layer on the turnout. Strong or biological detergents can cause damage to the waterproof coating. DO NOT Dry Clean. DO NOT tumble dry with heat.

Rambo® and Rhino® turnouts must be washed according to the instructions given as failure to do so will damage the waterproof coating of your turnout and effect your guarantee.

Horseware Turnouts use AquaTrans technology to keep your rug waterproof.

Aquatrans Technology Explained:

The outer Hydrophobic layer is water hating and drives water vapor away from the outer of the turnout. Therefore, it repels the entry of any water through it coming from the outer

The inner Hydrophilic layer is water loving and draws sweat away from the body. The water vapor is then driven through the fabric and away from the turnout.

This waterproof technology is one of the best on the market and ensures your horse stays dry and comfortable when wearing Rambo®, Rhino® and Amigo® turnouts.

Reproofing your Rambo or Rhino turnout in its first three years of use will invalidate your warranty. In the unlikely event that you experience waterproofing or breathability problems with your Rambo or Rhino Turnout, please contact the Horseware Ireland Dealer where the rug was purchased as this is where your contract of sale is.

If there comes a stage where you feel a rug requires re-waterproofing, the camping industry is a great source for waterproofing products. Horseware Ireland takes no responsibility for the effect of these products on our rugs and recommends consulting your local rug repair or laundry service when considering re-proofing.

ALSO NOTE: At certain times of the year, particularly in early Autumn and late Spring, when the weather is changeable, it may appear that the rug is leaking when in fact it is a buildup of perspiration inside the rug due to sudden changes in temperature or humidity. To avoid this, it is important to monitor the weather and your horse for the first few weeks of use and at season when the weather can turn suddenly warm, until the horse becomes acclimatized to the extra warmth of their turnout rug.

For rugs outside their warranty period, or for issues non-warranty related please contact a rug repair business in your area. Replacement surcingles are available in limited colors online or through any Horseware retailer. New wipe clean tail cords are available on our site.

We do not offer rug repair. You can purchase a Rambo Rug Repair Kit or Horseware Stormsure and repair the rug yourself or find an independent rug repair business in your area.

If you have any small tears or nicks to repair, we recommend using our Rambo® Turnout repair kit or our Rambo® Stormsure glue, which effectively seals and waterproofs any small damage to your turnout.